Music — 10 January 2010

By Odeisel

Good afternoon and welcome to the latest edition of the sickest Sundays on the net. We started off the week mired in melancholy love with a Classic Clash between Sade and Meshell Ndegeocello. From there we found issue with Entertainment Weekly’s choice for album of the decade and gave our entry into the argument.

Planet Ill noted the passing of golf legend Bill Powell, the only Black man in America to build, design, and own a golf course. From there we reviewed the seemingly out-of-nowhere album release of Ke$ha, who sang the hook on Flo Rida’s “Right Round.”

Lloyd Bank dropped his V.5 mixtape, and Young Buck dropped a few new songs to ark his return to the game.  We noted those as well. From there we wrapped up our coverage of Def Jam’s 25th anniversary with an exclusive video interview with Hip-Hop historian and former publicist of Def Jam and Rush Communications Bill Adler.

From there we took a look at single men and their motivations for remaining single with so many women out there. We’ll leave that resolution to you, the readers. New homie A Negro With A Keyboard, put Gilbert Arenas in the scope in the latest edition of You Wild. From there, we reviewed one of the best mixtapes we’ve heard in a long while, Reflection Eternal-The Re:Union.

Our friend and soldier Dj Fusion dropped in twice for her weekly Fusebox Radio Broadcast, and Indiesent Exposure. Shelz brought us the powerful return of Sinead O’ Connor along with Mary J Blige o fight for the protection of children and young women caught in the commercial sex trade.

To close out the week, The Rowdy One hit the ball out the park with his  Playoff Out of Bounds and we took a look at the impending A-Team movie.  There’s our week in synopsis. Please take the time to read, as we took the time to write.  And now, on to the music.

Reflection Eternal Just Begun 07 Just Begun ft. Jay Electronica, J. Cole, & Mos Def

This song is just immaculate.  Stunning lyricism over a dynamic changing beat.  Kweli and J. Cole  really shine on this while Jay Electornica continues his hungry streak.  Mos Def delivers a sub par verse, for him anyway but still good enough to stay in the company of killers. Dope

Lloyd Banks- Big Bully 17 – Big Bully

A shining moment on a lackluster mixtape, Banks goes in on Rick Ross over the New Wu beat.  It’s the mixtape Banks you know and love over good production, not the plodding too slow muck of V.5.  Solid.

Twista- Fire Twista – Fire (Street) – MP3WAXX

Another in the long line of songs devoted to weed. Twista has enoguh talent to not make it a boring exercise and deftly flows over the beat coherently and slow enough for you to unerstand him.  Solid.

 Chosen Few Feat Opio- Belly of the Beast Belly of the Beast (feat. Opio)

New group from the Hieroglyfics camp hit us with a solid joint from their upcoming album New World Symphony.  The production is solid, the samples well played, and support from veteran Opio push this song into win territory. We look forward to more music from the Chosen Few.

Jae Millz Feat T Streets Popular Demand 03. Popular Demand feat T Streets

Millz drops a heater over the Clipse’ popular demand with an assist from his homie T Streets.  It’s doesn’t raise eyebrows or make you grab your dick if you love Hip-Hop, but it’s solid over a recognizable beat and keeps steam goign in the Young Money movement.

And that’s it for this week’s Sick Sunday.  Remember to Stay tuned this week to Planet Ill, Planet Ill Radio, and follow us on Twitter.  We have some real exciting things lined up. Peace

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