Planet Ill Breakdown — 08 January 2010

By shelz.

We haven’t heard much of Sinead O’Connor since that fateful night on SNL when she rattled the Catholic Church with her defiant display of disdain for child sexual assault at the hands of priests. The results were cataclysmic for her hot like fire career and she fell from the top 40 club’s radar with a resounding thump.  However, she never stopped recording or advocating the rights of children to live in a world free of abuse.  It just wasn’t news anymore. So while some find her latest release as just another in a long line of stands the Irish songwriter has taken over the years, others are sitting around wondering where the hell she’s been. The youngest of the listeners may even be thinking Sinead who?

Well know her or not, she’s not only back, she’s back with Mary J Blige, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Martin “Doc” Mckinney and a single called “This is to Mother You.” And yes, this single is for sale, but not for profit.  All proceeds are going to be funneled straight to an organization called GEMS (Girls Educational and Mentoring Services.) According to GEMS website, “Girls Educational & Mentoring Services (GEMS) is the nation’s largest organization empowering girls and young women, ages 12-21, which have experienced sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking to exit the commercial sex industry and develop to their full potential.” It’s obvious the group means every word of that because there is a 3rd feature on this release, Martha B, and she’s one of their own.

Per the website, Martha is a survivor of the abuse GEMS was created to fight.  She matriculated through the program and at 21 she and her melodic voice were in the studio with Ms. Blige and Mr. Muhammad to make this record a reality.

The track is calm and quiet. It starts in almost lullaby-ish fashion with slow strings and a keyboard that’s reminiscent of a music box. It’s obvious from the jump that the song was written and produced as a reassurance for the young girls GEMS works for.

The lyrics cast the song as a labor of love. It’s a melodic call to the children the organization seeks to save from a system that has forgotten them.  They speak of lonely nights, sad dreams, feelings of abandonment, and suppressing the fire in these children’s souls born of the worst kind of abuse. The lyrics also convey their attention and desire to rescue these children from that life.

All the pain that you have known
All the violence in your soul
All the ‘wrong’ things you have done
I will take from you when I come

There are no dramatic runs from any of the three singers, just a steady pulse. O’Connor leads off then hands the baton to Mary J.  Martha brings up the rear. And all three, through their tranquil demeanor and tender lyrics communicate the same thing: We are here for you.

Stories like that of 5-year old Shaniya Davis, who was allegedly sold into sexual slavery only to be found dead on the side of the road, have rocked the thoughtful.  While we scratch our heads and believe these events to be shocking and uncommon, the people at GEMS realize that’s not the case.  According to their website “each year in our nation, between 100,000 and 300,000 American children – primarily girls – are at risk for commercial sexual exploitation.”

This song doesn’t have a destination for mad spins.  It’s not romantic nor is it going to get people out on the dance floor.  It’s not for the car culture elitist to thump and it’s not going to get remixed or freestyled over.  What it is however, is a call for those who claim to care to put their money where their mouth is.

So as you color code your AV’s and shirt selections for each day, huff and puff at your mother for being nosey or laying down impossible rules, or watch a few minutes of the news in horror just to spend the rest of your day keeping count of Tiger’s mistresses or Ambers Rose’s shades of lip gloss, know that this problem is not an uncommon enigma. Sinead O’Connor along with the good people at GEMS are on the front lines trying to keep some of these children safe, and their latest attempt is a gathering of talent who are there donating their time to do just that.

This Is To Mother You This Is To Mother You PURCHASE AND SUPPORT

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  2. her music always tended to be listenable, even though she came off like a flake. i’m sure this new venture will be good given the other people involved.

    that said, this chick looks like the Gorton Fisherman after a good shave.

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  5. this is a wonderfully written piece. you get it! so many young girls are being lured into lives of commercial sex thinking that it’s glamorous from videos and songs but soon find out the realities of abuse and manipulation, or worse. it’s important for people to be aware that trafficking doesnt just happen in thailand or russia but here in USA!

  6. i love you!





    PS….for all you idiots that consider her a flake or have dropped her as a musical influence in your life since SNL SHAME ON YOU!!! This lady has more talent in her baby finger than the likes of Madonna and Lady Gaga so what if she ripped the pope’s picture…I applaud her for her strength and courage…fight the real enemy…when the church wakes up and stops this disgusting abuse of children around the world then maybe love will shine through the way its supposed to…peace love and happiness…

  8. Wonderful. This is a woman of deep moral stature and passion. She did foretell something we were sadly to find out about later. I can’t imagine the courage it took to do what she did before the scandals came out. She is not a godhater. She is well read in the Bible and other texts and, I think, a true goodhearted Catholic, not to mention: Excuse me. What a voice! Great work, keep it up.

  9. Wow!!!

    Sinead O’Connor is great!

    I love her music.

    She is very famous here in Brazil, belive it!

  10. I will love her forever, if for no other reason than Nothing Compares 2 U.

  11. Lovely track sinead and mary, you will always be Goddess to me!!!!

  12. Thank you ALLEN BELL, you are so correct, i can not believe how people are so clueless, that is scary

  13. Thank you ALAN BELL, you are so correct, their will never be another Sinead O’Connor, and every thing you said is true, and everyone this needs to be said because it has to stop. Thank you again Alan for explaining it so well

  14. A little older but she still looks great! I absolutely love her voice and can’t wait to hear her new song.All time favorite song,
    “Nothing compares 2 you” of course! Good to hear from her again!!

  15. Yes, truly a great voice, and courageous person.

  16. Great to see Sinead back. You have a great voice and you should never have left the scene.This is to mother you is a beautiful song sung by a beautiful woman.

  17. Get your facts straight – the priest abuse scandal made the papers in 2002 – 10 years AFTER she ripped up the photo.

  18. Grat voice , great attitude…too bad some people haven’t appreciated her for her real value…

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