Ill Bill: When I Die (Non Album Version)

By Odeisel

Ill Bill is known for that hardcore rap shit but his latest album, The Grimy Awards, was laced with the emotion connected to the loss of his late uncle. This number, When I Die, is a letter to said uncle and this version of the album was left off the album.

When I Die is spare and simple with a basic boom-bap drum and angelic atmospherics that allow Bill to open up with an exasperated despair and raw emotion that conveys how much death has affected him. The electric guitars and the haunting footsteps close the song out and give that gates-of-heaven/final ride feel.

You don’t have to be hardcore all the time and tracks like this are good to show you the three dimensions of a man. Ill Bill delivers without the sappy crybaby shit. Just how he should. The original version. When I Die. Ill Bill don’t want to go to hell. No matter how hard he rhymes. Word to Mr. Wallace.


File “When I Die (original version).mp3”

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