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After Many False Starts, Wiz Drops New Tape Taylor Allderdice

I would have written about this tape, but after waiting over an hour longer than I thought, here you go fans. Peace to [...]

Wiz Khalifa: Morocco

Wiz Khalifa gave this away for free, so I won't complain about it. [...]

2012 Grammy Slam: Planet Ill Picks The Winners (Part 2)

Planet Ill picks the Grammy winners cuz we're smart like that. [...]

Domo Genesis Feat Wiz Khalifa: Ground Up

From Domo's upcoming mixtpae, No Idols [...]

Hip-Hop, Amber Rose and Sloppy Seconds: Random Thoughts On The Fame

Amber Rose became famous then made a song about it. Its backwards, but you wanna hear it? Here it go. [...]

Wiz Khalifa: California (Video)

From the upcoming Taylor Allderdice mixtape. [...]

Wiz Khalifa And Snoop Dogg Feat. Mike Posner: French Inhale

Snoop and Snoop 2.0 along with Bruno Lite [...]