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Learn To Play Guitar Online With iPerform3D

With iPerform3D, you can learn how to play guitar online. For real, real. [...]

Numark Debuts Mobile DJ: Rock The Crowd With iPods And No Cords

Numark's Mobile DJ introduces battery-powered iPod/Phone friendly architecture with a range of features. [...]

Steve Trovato: Guitar Hero

Planet Ill sits down with guitar guru Steve Trovato to talk performance, teaching, and how to be a bandleader [...]

The Olympus LS-7: Making Recording Easy For Artists, Students And The Visually Impaired

The new LS-7 Linear PCM recorder is a small, powerful, multi-featured must-have for anyone with on-the-go recording needs. Rick Sasserath, Technical Administrator at Olympus, spoke to Planet Ill about this new and noteworthy device. [...]

Denny Tedesco Tells The Story Of The Wrecking Crew

The Wrecking Crew were the studio musicians behind some of the greatest songs in music history. Denny Tedesco, son of Wrecking Crew guitarist Tommy Tedesco documents their history in The Wrecking Crew and tells the tale [...]

Akai Pro’s SynthStation 25 Delivers The First Portable Hardware Controller

The SynthStation 25 is designed specifically for the portable device market that can also be used as a USB controller. Glen Darcy gives us the science and rationale behind Akai's latest marvel. [...]

Dennis Coffey: Funk Brother That Made You Go Wah

Planet Ill sits down with legendary Funk Brother and Motown musician Dennis Coffey to discuss his coming album, his Motown legacy and his passion for music [...]

Numark’s iDJ3 And Mixtrack Pro: Professional Gear That Amateurs Can Use

Newmark's new iDJ3 and Mixtrack Pro allows DJ's to record their sets to their iPods at an affordable price. Professional power with newjack ease. Find out more! [...]

Poison Pen:Friendly Face, Venemous Verbs

Planet Ill got a chance to sit down with Brooklyn's own Poisonous Pen. Pen, Big In height and heart, Pen tells us about his music, his art and another famous Brooklynite. [...]

Edwin Tony Nicholas:Old School Soul, Next School Sound Pt. 2

In part two of this interview, Edwin Tony Nicholas expounds on his professional relationship with the late, great Gerald LeVert and its inauspicious beginnings. He also discusses the effects that technology has on modern music, his [...]