Concert Review Featured — 26 February 2017
Big Gigantic & Brass Tracks Live @ The Charlotte Filmore


I hadn’t done a concert in a minute. Daddy’s getting old. So when I got the call to check out Big Gigantic at the Fillmore, I said yes, just to get back in the game. I honestly had no clue who they were or who the undercard was, but I did a little homework. Big Gigantic is fronted by saxophonist Dom, and their highly instrumental music has been featured on TNT, the NBA, Major League Baseball, and in the background of Empire. And some tech startup named Apple.

The opening act was a group out of Brooklyn named Brass Tracks. You may not have heard of them but you have heard their music. They produced Chance The Rapper hit “No Problem.” No sample needed. I actually got my wife to come out with me for the first time, so I was hoping they would kick ass or I would not hear the end of it. They didn’t disappoint.

Brass Tracks had that Justin Timberlake, but authentic swag, like he moved to Williamsburg before bars that sold 5 dollar cans of PBR. Trumpet in hand, lead Ivan Jackson was fully comfortable talking his shit and exhorting in his Grammy win. Drummer Conor Rayne kept a blistering pace throughout their set.

Big Gigantic’s stage show was an epileptic nightmare of strobe lights and big sounds, with Dom alternating from Keyboard to saxophone solos. The show was packed and the energy was part hipster Hip-Hop/part rave, complete with some shirtless dude in the crowd with a faux fur coat and a girl rocking glow-fingered gloves. And tons of tall cans of beer.

Both bands are instrument driven, so there weren’t many words, but they made up for it with sharp musicianship, crisp crowd control and dazzling stage effects. Yes they got the fuck busy. No they did not suck.Thank heavens I didn’t have to hear it from my wife. Pics below. Enjoy


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