Featured — 22 June 2016
NYC’s Up The Hill meets Down the Hill for Tuskegee Thoughts.

Hipnott Records is giving something to the fans for free. Deep of the 2 Hungry bros donated beats from his first two Hip Hop instrumental albums to Rebaren907 to rock over for your listening pleasure. What’s even cooler about this gesture is that the two artists are both hailing from the lower East Side of New York City.

If you’re from this particular area in NYC, the Lower East Side, then it means something of authenticity to you. Deep stems from Laguardia Projects in the Lower East Side South of the Delancey Border. That qualifies him as an “Up the Hill” Native. He provided the Beats from his two Instrumental Releases. Redbaren907 is from Baruch which is North of Delancey, so “Down the Hill”. RedBaren907 rhymed over Deep’s Beats in an amazing fashion. Tuskegee Thoughts!
You should check it out here

try to rap on the other hot beats on Deep’s What You Leave Behind

and here on Deep’s Bushwick Beatfeed.

Make sure you check those Hipnott Record installments of hot beats. There are twenty five crazy instrumentals on each release.

But until you grow a pair or motivate yourself out of the Studio into the ears of adoring fans, Try on TUSKEGEE THOUGHTS.
And if you are not an aspiring Mcee, then just ENJOY of course.
RedBaren907 brings unique flavor and style to this release with varying flows and animated content. You’re sure to say something cliche like “Hip Hop is Still Alive”. Hip Hop just went underground like Sam Jackson’s Nick Fury in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His similes and references definitely bring a smile to the mind and the head-nodding hip hop beats keep them flowing into your ears. It’s a great EP jam packed with imagery and energy unheard in the genre desperate for something like it.


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