Donald Trump & The Fear of a Black (Brown, Muslim) Planet


By Odeisel

Today is Super Tuesday, and America finds itself in the midst of the most delicious example of chickens coming home to roost, as the Republicans, party of schoolyard tomfoolery, are being taken to the school yard by Donald Trump, troll emeritus; a man large of mouth and light on principle.

Jeb Bush knew what it was. You could see it in his face that he wanted no parts of the circus to which he knew this race would devolve. He couldn’t wait to get the hell out of Dodge.  Paul Ryan was smart enough not to even get involved in the clown show.  Many observations have been made about how Donald Trump is speaking on a fourth grade reading and comprehension level during his speeches.  Much more has been made of how he is high on jingoist, racist rhetoric and low on actual plans for anything foreign or domestic.

You hear the people say Trump is “aggressive” and he’s “not PC” and he “speaks his mind.” To those of us who are used to decoding, they are really saying, “He speaks for us.” And when they say us they mean the great White hope. Make no mistake about it; this election is the last gasp of the white man (at least on the fourth grade level of understanding).

No, systemic racism isn’t going away anytime soon, nor are the feelings it engenders. But the support of Trump, even as he threatens to build 10 foot walls to keep Mexicans out and empty promises to ban Muslims, is a result of the fear that the blue color, uneducated white man will be rendered impotent by the women who don’t have to stay home and be supported, the blacks who no longer have to shine his shoes and avoid eye contact, nor the Mexicans who used to cut his grass. Hispanics are now officially the largest ethnic group in California. It won’t be the last state where white people become the minority.

That fear is visceral and very real. And it allows all the willful ignorance regarding the support of a person like Donald Trump. It has even overridden their ballyhooed Christianity as the Evangelicals have thrown in support. It has overridden their common sense, as they believe that some ridiculous rich guy charlatan shares their same pickup truck interests (a pre-Super Tuesday NASCAR rally of 5000 is proof of that).

What is so wonderfully ironic of Donald Trump’s run is how much it scares the Republican power structure; the same power structure that cut the balls off the Voting Rights Act. The same structure that regularly attempts to reduce the voting power of black people through petty things like moving poll sites, adding corollaries to voting rules, and taxes and ID’s and redlining districts. The same party that has engaged the pandering to the lowest common denominator for years is now under attack by a guy who is lower than their common denominator and has appealed to their base on a primal level. And there isn’t a fucking thing they can do about it but watch it burn. Eduardo Rafael Cruz was even made a target by the same birther claims that the right leveled at Obama eight years ago. You can’t make this up.

Trump recently received an endorsement from KKK member/sympathizer David Duke, whom Donald Trump did not decry. Pundits like Morning Joe’s Joe Scarborough was in full faux righteous indignation mode, ripping into Trump as disqualified. If the idea of banning 1 billion Muslims didn’t turn off his supporters, what makes people like Scarborough thing that something like this will? Methinks Joe should take a long hard look at what his party represents.

So. Super Tuesday. The Fear of the Black (or brown or yellow or Muslim) Planet is here. Donald Trump’s lead will become all but insurmountable and American will be forced to come to grips with the fear that hate produced and result of decades of lazy, uninspired political wrangling and education budget cuts and everything else that has gotten us here. I watch in amusement and astonishment as the Donald Trump juggernaut rolls on. There will be no come to Jesus moment. Let it all burn. Let them feel the sting of ignorance directed towards what they stand for as people of color have done in the post-Civil Rights era. Pass the popcorn.

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