The Firing Squad: Mike Brown’s Legacy, Trump Rolls, Grits…Overrated

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By Odeisel

The Firing Squad takes a look at the legacy of Mike Brown’s death, a year after his murder by policeman in Ferguson Missouri. We look at the community effect and what the people have done in the year since. What did his death mean? Has the protesting stopped or have we just stopped caring?

From there, we looked at the first Republican debate and Donald Trump’s continued success in the polls. After his opening debate victory, is there any Republican candidate of the ten featured in the debate that could feasibly be trusted by Black, female or any non-white, male voter?

We follow the Drake/Meek Mill “battle” and place the belt for now on Drake with very little regard for Meek’s comeback song. How does this war of words reflect the current rap music landscape? Do you need to be multimedia these days to get your point across?

We also take a look at grits. Are they overrated. Long a breakfast stable in both the north and the south,  why are there so many variables that can go wrong when they are cooked? If you have to add salt, pepper, cheese and all sorts of other accoutrements to make them taste good, how good can they actually be? We examine.

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