Firing Squad Radio: RIP Sean Price, RIP NY Jets, Oath Keepers in Ferguson And More



By Odeisel

Firing Squad Radio takes aim at the Oath Keepers in Feguson, a year after the murder of Mike Brown Jr. What point are they trying to prove? Are they for or agaisnt the protestors. Can an armed predonimantly white militia exacerbate tensions in an already tenuous situation?

We chin check Geno Smith and the sad state of affairs of the New York Jets. How does a locker room full of players allow someone to put hands on their quaterback? What does that say about the team? About Geno? Just another silly season for New York’s worst run team.

Sadly the Firing Squad bids farewell to Brownsville’s own Sean Price who died last week at the young age of 43. What was his affect on Hip-Hop? We check the response to his death and ponder whether it is right to donate to his memorial fund online. Were you counted among those who respected his music while he still breathed? We were. we share our Sean Price related moments.

All this on Firing Squad Radio. Tune in every Thursday at 9:00 PM. Call us live at 347-202-0482 to listen and chime in or listen on your computer HERE.

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