The Firing Squad: Ferguson Update, Hip-Hop’s Response & McDonald’s Strikes Back


By Odeisel
“Real journalism is publishing something someone else does not want published – the rest is just public relations.”

-George Orwell

With so much drama in the world today in our communities on both macro and micro levels, it’s always strange to see the news or people that claim to be journalists talking about all kinds of silly things and never what’s going on. The Firing Squad is here to take aim at all that is wrong with the world, starting with our own communities. Three men of color with no censor and no objectives but truth, justice and common sense. Each episode will deal with hot-button issues with honesty, straight talk, and humor whenever possible . No personality is untouchable, and no one is spared the venom, or the praise whenever fit.

The format of the show is simple five topics a week with 5 minutes devoted to each topic, and a close by each individual member featuring a verbal shot of their own choosing.


This week the Squad followed up on our tremendous coverage of the Ferguson uprising. We look at the various responses or lack thereof from Hip-Hop journalists and rappers. We dug deeper into the bogus media coverage and some of the lies that have been filtered across social media. Is that even Michael Brown Jr. in the convenience store cigar video? we address all that and more as well as our usual lighthearted food topic concerning the McDonald’s megaton bomb it announced this week. Only on the Firing Squad. Be counted!

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  1. Why it’s never that blacks do this type of protest when another kid is killed in black on black crime? Instead they worship rap stars who talk nothin’ but killing niggaz. We ain’t got respect for ourselves, no one gonna show respect to us then. Think about it

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