NameBrand: Suicide City

suicide city

By Odeisel

The rap music business is slowly dying. At least on the mainstream. And well it should. the vultures have slowly picked and nibbled until the husk that remains reflects rappers that can’t rhyme and a bunch of slave shit blasting from rap radio. I’m so tired of hearing people talk that Hip-Hop is dead shit that The Planet is going to take up the cause of introducing cats to people that can rhyme and music that is not strip club ready. We’ll let the other cats hndle that.

This track is from Killer Cali’s ( by way of Long Beach) own NameBrand on the Seige Monstracity-produced “Suicide City.” The track is solid if not spectacular, with several moving parts and a lack of that trap music looped repetition that has made rap music so very easy. NameBrand rhymes of inner-city ambition with his butter-smooth delivery. The bars are solid even though there are a couple moments of reaching but he can definitely rhyme.

The kid on the hook is Neyo-lite but serviceable. The track is the first bomb from off his forthcoming mixtape, The G.R.E.A.T. Tape 2 (Getting Ready to End All Troubles), dropping this August. It’s always nice to hear a Cali rhymer not blooded or cripped up and telling a hood sone took me under tale. NameBrand is aware of the Cali climate but doesn’t weigh his music down with the gang shit and that’s fine with me. Check him out and be on the lookout for that mixtape in a couple months. Enjoy.

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