Jay-Electronica X Jay-Z: We Made It (Prod. by Purp Dogg)

we made it

By Odeisel

Once upon a time I would have bet money on Jay-Z in the clutch. Somewhere along the line, that Bulls jersey became a Wizards and the magic went to Pisa to get pizza. Old man Hov got bodied by Kendrick and showed only traces of his former brilliance. Eaux.

Funny thing about Mike in that Wizards jersey though. Every so often there’s a play like that infamous two handed block that reminds you that the great ones can summon those moments when you least expect it. This morning my man Nay hit me up to check a Jay Electronica/Jay-Z track on the humble. “New or old,” I asked, a bit unimpressed with Jigga’s recent output. WE MADE IT. Hmm.

Soulja Boy track, produced by Purp Dogg (very underrated production. No earphones man. Speakers. Whip. Slow horn interpolation ( or just slowed up sample) of that Cam’ron/Just Blaze classic The Roc. Infused with that Noah Shebib underwater shit with a dash of trap snare drums on top. But the song?

Jay-Z man. All those classic elements from his run are there. Coopting slang from other regions (hella jealous) Sprinkling bygone lines from legends (I’m god, g is the 7th letter made so with my arms and feet shackled I can still get paid), a lil beat box sound effect and sharp slick talk. Mangled, Bloombergian Spanish reference. There is a running reference throughout both verses referencing 12 Years A Slave, a Hov shout out to Lupita, some social relevance, the customary realness claim and of course an ad for his godawful champagne (nothing beats Dom P or Cristal from the right year, but I digress). Yes he throws opulence in your face while referencing the TransAtlantic Slave Trade. But that was always  a part of his charm…as long as he delivered on the mic.

Oh yeah, another solid Jay Elect sighting. Maybe all the bankers getting bodied got some of the Illuminati busy so he got spare time. His flow is Drake’s from The Language. Sharp lyricism Do yourself a favor. Close your door. Or roll up your car windows. Turn it up. And remember when Jay-Z was consistently sublime.  They made it. You bump it.

The Roc

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