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Notes From Homerville: Ravens Gone But Playoffs Roll On.


By shelz

I’m not one for the overly emotional swan song pieces that normally accompany uber fan columns.  I’d love to see the Ravens win all day everyday, year after year, but we all know that doesn’t happen for any team.  What’s to happen now is dropping the dead weight, bringing in fresh legs that can be plugged into the system, finagling the cap and learning from what didn’t work in 2013. Oh, and the Ravens-less playoffs.

Cincy benefited from late season games against teams with nothing left in the tank.  The Pack got over with a last minute return of discount double check and San Diego squeaked in with  a deplorable missed call after almost getting their collective ass handed to them by Kansas City’s bench.  Pittsburgh, you have my condolences. And you don’t get that often.

There is plenty more football to be played so let’s take a look at the upcoming wild card round.  And it’s going to be exactly that, wild.

Eagles vs. Falcons

The Saints vs The Eagles

I haven’t checked the weather report, but I know it’s supposed to snow up top this weekend.  It’s going to be hella cold outside and while Philly may not be the loudest crowd in the NFL, they are probably the most hostile.  The Saints and their road issues are an ongoing drama that has yet to be resolved and Nick Foles has been damn near perfect for as long as he has been starting.

I’d love to see Brees and company pull this out, but I realistically see the Saints shivering in their cups while they pine for the warm comfort of the Superdome. Philly’s defense, while improved, has yet to really toughen in the secondary.  But we said that about the Panthers a couple of weeks ago and the Saints couldn’t do anything with those wack ass Carolina corners. I told ya’ll if New Orleans didn’t win that very game, they wouldn’t win their division and would be one and done in the wild card round.  I’m sticking to it.  Eagles win and win by a lot.

 alex smith

The Chiefs vs The Colts

I really like Alex Smith.  I like Alex Smith so much, my wish for the Superbowl is Kansas City vs San Francisco with Alex Smith throwing for 965 yards and running for 3 TDs, after which he kisses his bicep and laughs hysterically in the direction of Kaeperscam.  But it’s not going to happen. They aren’t even going to win this game.  The Colts whopped the Chefs arse in their own house and KC took a tumble in efficiency during the last half of the season. We all tend to forget the scheduling for last year’s bottom dwellers can be very forgiving.  Jamaal Charles will put up good numbers, but it won’t be enough to win the game.  I’m sorry Alex Smith, but you’re season is almost over.

Packers Lions Football

The 49ers vs The Packers

When you talk about a QB being able to put a team on his back, you have to be talking about Aaron Rogers.  Manning and Brady have better teams.  And when the receiver corp started looking a bit suspect in New England, so did King Tom.  However, the 49ers have a beastly defense and they have Boldin. (Grrrrrrrr) They are healthy and inspired and should provide a serious road block for Green Bay. Buuuuut… but but but.. the game is at Lambeau.  The cheeses heads are going to be in full force and I still don’t believe in Copernicus.  You want an upset.  Here you go.  Pack by a field goal. Cuz I said so.


The Bolts vs The Bengals

Andy Dalton has been ping ponging between excellent and horrible.  Sometimes in the same game.  But Cincy hasn’t lost a game at home all season and I’m sure Marvin Lewis would like to put a post season W in his pocket since the entire state of Ohio hasn’t had one since the Supremes were touring.  Okay maybe it hasn’t been THAT long, but it has been a really really, really long time. Will they do it?  They better.  Rivers and his crew almost got waxed by the Chiefs’ scout team.  Well, actually they did get waxed by the Chiefs scout team, but the refs saved their asses from going home.  They’ll go home this week even if bad Andy makes an appearance.


Before I go, I have one more thing to say.

Detroit, Jim Caldwell is fantabulous.  Hire him immediately.


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