Featured Sports — 18 January 2014
Notes From Homerville: NFL Championship Week 2014, Welkerbowl 2, In Defense Of Marques Colston


By shelz.

It was kinda obvious that the play was called.  Colston moved like a man who knew what he was supposed to be doing, not someone trying to improvise.  The team just didn’t execute.  If it had worked, it would have been the NFL moment of the year. Sh1t tons of praise would have been heaped all over Sean Payton for his ballsy, fearless play calling and Colston would have been courted by NFL teams still searching for their franchise QB. But .. alas … it did not. Now the Saints can get down to divvying out the $22 dollars they have left in cap space and deciding what to do with the 3 draft picks they have this year. Oh and they can get up off of De La Puente so Baltimore can pick him up.

Wait.  Before we get to my 2014 Ravens Dream Team, there is still some more football left to play. The conference championships are upon us and I’m sure you, like I, will be evading all the Manning/Brady matchup slurping that’s about to commence.  Argh… We will start with the NFC.


Seattle vs San Francisco

I’m still not in love with the Seahawks, but Marshawn Lynch is probably the non-Raven player I have the most fun watching behind Anquan Boldin (who by the way will be a UFA after his season ends. I’m just saying.  Ozzie, make it happen!) I don’t like the 49ers at all and my gripes with them are well documented.  But if I have to pick one, it will be Seattle. It’s going to be rough.  Boldin in the slot against the hawks safeties is a clear win for San Fran.  But if Seattle can shut Jimmy Graham down, they can take out anyone. Should be a good defensive battle with points coming at a premium.  I’m thinking something like Hawks 7 –  San Fran 2. That’s if anyone scores at all.


Denver vs New England

The Welker Bowl is going to bring out the Stan in every sports writer in this country except me.  The Patriots have gone to every AFC Championship game in the last 19 years so the comfort level is on a hundred thousand trillion and Peyton Manning really wants to have at least as many rings as his brother. Since he’s almost 50, he needs to start getting them. It has to be his year.  How awful would it be to have the season he has had and not even make it to the Superbowl.  It would be awful enough for me to get a giggle out of it.  Yeah, I’m still salty about week 1. Pats by 6.

Before I go.

Jim Caldwell will be leaving the balmy bay side of Baltimore Maryland and heading to almost Canada to be the head coach for the Lions. It’s a group that hasn’t come close to understanding the sum of their own parts and hopefully Caldwell can get them there. No point in having some of the best players in the league just to lose all the time.  That’s dumb.  Good luck Detroit.

And for everyone in Baltimore getting their good riddance on, please remember Jim Caldwell fell into a role he had never occupied before and called the Ravens offense to and straight through the Superbowl.  Don’t disrespect the stamp he left on Baltimore sports.  In his parting, he deserves your applause.


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