Fashion Featured — 14 December 2013
Space Age Ballin: Happy Plugs Solid Gold Earbuds. Yes. Gold.

solid gold earphones

By Odeisel

There are ballers and then there are ballers. You tune onto your games each week and you see million dollar athletes rocking Beats By Dre headphones, you go to the store and you see the running in the hundreds of dollars. They sound better than some headphones but in general, not enough to justify the price but they have an Apple-like cult following that has nothing to do with the quality of the product but the status attached. As Yeezy once said, before he went nuts, “”just to be like n***a you ain’t up on this!”

Well The Planet has something for your ass. Just when you thought Jay-Z’s $800 ski-masks were the ultimate in useless status-driven opulence,  Swedish Lifestyle brand Happy Plugs has an assortment of earphones and buds and iPhone 5 and Galaxy 4 phone cases to pretty much match anything you can imagine. But the REAL baller shit is handmade to order 18k gold in-ear headphones. Solid gold earbuds. Give me a second to drop my B-Boy stance

Each pair is handmade to order and contains 25 grams of real 18 carat gold that will draw the attention of posers and stickup kids everywhere. Or you may be totally safe because nobody would believe that you paid $14,500 to listen to substandard mp3 music. Perhaps the stickup kids will be rocking Jigga’s $800 ski masks when they make you run your gold headphones. Make sure you tuck it into your Confederate Ye’ T-Shirt in neighborhoods you slum in just to feel a rush.

If however that $14,500 is nothing for you, these are very nice and have a good weight to them. You can cop them here. I’m sure your black card is welcome. Stunting is a habit. Gold earbuds are an affliction. Rock on.


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