Featured Planet Ill Breakdown Songs — 03 November 2013
Eminem Feat Buckshot: Don’t Front (Snippet)

Eminem.Buckshot Don't Front

By Odeisel

2013 brings the convergence of Black Moon’s 20th anniversary of debut album Enta Da Stage as well as the highly anticipated release of Eminem’s sequel to the seminal Marshall Mathers LP. Combine that with the advent of Call Of Duty: Ghosts video game and you have the opportunity for some magic. Eminem, who is a student of this music, despite how you feel about him, gets down to the beat of the original album version of I Got Cha Opin and brings Buckshot along for the Call of Duty: Ghost bonus track, Don’t Front.

Here is a snippet of the track, featuring  a calm, lazer-guided Eminem flowing. The track pulls some Jay-Z type marketing and is available when you buy a copy of the Marshall Mathers LP 2 along with a copy of Call of Duty: Ghosts and redeem by November 19th. I guess that’s what they call serendipity. To order them both (because we know you want to) and get the entire Don’t Front track, click HERE. You’re welcome.

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