Childish Gambino Drops New Single 3005

Childish Gambino 3005

By Odeisel

Even at its apex, I never found that guy from the Boondox funny. You can always tell when someone is laughing at you and laughing with you and it always felt to me like dude was trying to get his revenge on the hood that ostracized him with this comic strip. Even the stuff that resonated with the hood, I felt, should have been kept “within the family.” That’s not to say that the hood ain’t full of shit, but it’s our full of shit. I feel the same way about Childish Gambino.

By all accounts, Childish Gambino is a talented guy and is a writer for a major television show. He has the chops. his music however straddles the line of innocuous parody and subtle scathing commentary. When you walk in the room and you get the feeling that everyone is talking about you but they are smiling to your face. He is intimate, so the cuts hurt like when your little brother tells the neighborhood you eat boogers or you pee in the bed. The truth is always more painful than made up shit. The real question though, is whether the observations are coming from a place of love or hate. Chappelle walked away from 50 million because he felt the latter.

Anyway, Childish Gambino’s single, from his upcoming album because the internet, is called 3005, probably because he feels that rappers will be talking the same old shit until then. During the course of the song he incorporates elements of Drake, Big Sean, and Kendrick Lamar with bar structures and “that Cash money beat” that could be used as the backdrop for myriad Lil Wayne, Lil Twist and whatever hanger on wants to hop on the track songs. Childish Gambino is skilled enough to pull it off and to most listeners, it will sound just like the rap music that they are used to consuming. Most will not even pick up what he’s saying.

I sat down with Masta Ace once, when he and Edo G dropped their A&E album and we briefly talked about  song from his Slaughtahouse album that was a blatant parody of gangster music, and yet some fans thought it was authentic. to this day they dap him up talmbout “Murder Murder Murder, Kill Kill Kill!” I think this track will probably go the same way.

Here’s Childish Gambino with 3005. Rap is full of shit. and some of it does need to be addressed. Still not sure if this is coming from hate or love though. You judge.

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