The Firing Squad: Roc Reunion, Belefonte Rebuttal, Pastor Punted Over Rozay Concert


By Odeisel

“Real journalism is publishing something someone else does not want published – the rest is just public relations.” George Orwell

With so much drama in the world today in our communities on both macro and micro levels, it’s always strange to see the news or people that claim to be journalists talking about all kinds of silly things and never what’s going on. The Firing Squad is here to take aim at all that is wrong with the world, starting with our own communities.

Three men of color with no censor and no objectives but truth, justice and common sense. Each episode will deal with hot-button issues with honesty, straight talk, and humor whenever possible . No personality is untouchable, and no one is spared the venom, or the praise whenever fit.

This episode, The Firing Squad tackles the following topics:

1. Jay and Dame speak and take pictures together and the Hip-Hop world loses its collective minds. Our thoughts
a. Jay-Z continues to wear his shirts with the top button buttoned and now is leaving half of his shirt unbuttoned, like a Mexican gang banger. How does that make usfeel?
2. Harry Belafonte responds to the criticism that he has received from Jay-Z and others regarding his view on the role and expectation he has for today’s Black entertainers and athletes. Thoughts.
3. Another new Drake song “Hold On We’re Going Home.”
4. NFL preseason start tonight and now they want to stop more on field celebrations, (no Incredible Hulk, no spinning the football, no machine gun, no, no, no) but at the same time Roger Goodell did nothing regarding Riley Cooper using “nigger.” What’s really good here?
5. Why does Stephan A. Smith think he is so hip?
6. What does Alize mean to you?
7. Supposedly some white people claim they will boycott Ebony magazine for the Trayvon Martin tribute cover.
a. How many of these people ever bought a copy of Ebony magazine?
b. What is wrong with these people?
8. Pastor fired for attending a Rick Ross concert. Fair or unfair?
9. The Air Force one is a soft shoe. How did Nike fool us ?

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