Featured Planet Ill Breakdown Songs — 14 August 2013
Lupe Comes Through With SLR 2 And A Verbal Spanking


 By Odeisel

Well, well, what have we here? After kendrick Lamar set the rap world on fire witha verse on Mig Sean’s Control, the game was sent back on its heels. For the first time in a while, the crowd was checking for  an actual verse that wasn’t concerned with fucking your bitch or having a bigger whip than the next guy. (We’ll discuss later today). Here’s a response by a rapper that we often find ourselves begrudgingly praising because he’s a douchebag…but who is probably the most gifted lyricist of his generation, Lupe Fiasco. I believe it was a spanking from Chi-town’s finest on the comeback trail, just to remind cats that despite all that Superstar shit, the skills have not diminished. Consider yourself on notice. SLR 2.Enjoy

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