Rick Ross Feat. Jadakiss: Oil Money Gang

oil money

By Odeisel

Ricky Rozay is like a weeble wobble. He takes a ton of hits but it seems like he never fall down. Outted as a former Corrections Officer? No problem. Hit the studio. Beef with 50 Cent, with baby momma diming you out? No Problem. Hit the studio. Sued by Freeway Rick Ross, get your car sprayed up, drop a wack mixtape…you get the idea. With Meek Mill’s underwhelming album and an unceremonious dumping by Reebok, Mr. Roberts neighborhood wasn’t looking too tuff. Joke’s on us though. WE A.E.N.O. A fantastic song with John Legend (we REALLY need a collabo album, guys) and now the recent announcement that Maybach Music is dropping a Selfmade Vol. 3. Rick Ross leads off with a hell of a collaboration with Jadakiss on Oil Money Gang.

J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League is on the track so you already know this ain’t track music. It’s smoother than Superfly in a suit and tie with those classic layered samples that made the League famous. They are milking that Nautilus sample on this one but the track is pristine as usual. The track has the same smoothness of Super High

Rick Ross is in absolute control of his skills on this. The flow hovers atop the track like VTOL and employs a number of rhyme schemes including the AZ Life’s A Bitch steeze. He curiously still shouts out those Reebok Classics, leading me to believe that the song is either old or he’s still getting butter under the table. No basic rhyming, no trap music half bar schemes, just pure execution.  We haven’t heard much from Jadakiss in a while, and when we have, it’s been the same verse for a minute. This track does not really allow for those punchline/setup easy way out rhymes, so Jada had to step out of his wheelhouse and he sounds good. Good connectivity, nice flow. Real talk.

Rick Ross will not go quietly and this is just one more roadblack that prevents him from 14:59 on those 15 minutes. Opulent. Oil Money Gang. Feel it.


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