Featured Interviews — 17 June 2013
!llmind: The Lost Planet Ill Interview


By Odeisel

Planet Ill does its very best to bring the best interviews and reviews to our readers.  We review many albums read peruse a ton of information to do our stories and sometimes with video editing and transcribing and audio editing, things get lost. We caught up with producer !llmind at the 2012 A3C and chopped it up over many topics. We check his inspiration and his production process, the projects he had in the works and his taste in music.

We first got familiar with !llmind when we heard Skyzoo’s Live From The Tapedeck and we were hooked. He’s a humble dude who really knows music. We learned some things from him that hopefully you guys will find as new. Planet Ill presents !llmind, The Lost Interview. Enjoy.

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