The Firing Squad: Ross Tossed New Jay, New Pusha Best WIC Cereal Ever

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By Odeisel

“Real journalism is publishing something someone else does not want published – the rest is just public relations.” George Orwell

With so much drama in the world today in our communities on both macro and micro levels, it’s always strange to see the news or people who claim to be journalists talking about all kinds of silly things and never what’s going on. The Firing Squad is here to take aim at all that is wrong with the world, starting with our own communities. Three men of color with no censor and no objectives but truth, justice and common sense. Each episode will deal with hot-button issues with honesty, straight talk, and humor whenever possible . No personality is untouchable, and no one is spared the venom, or the praise whenever fit. EVERY THURSDAY at 11PM. TUNE IN!

This week’s episode features the following topics:

  1. New Jay-Z , “Open Letter”
  2. Do you agree with basketball teams resting their best players, with 10 or more games to go, so they can be injury free for the playoffs?
  3. Dame Dash – said he left this music thing because he never wanted to be the 42, 43 year old man doing hiphop, that he always wanted to do much more than music. Do you believe him?
  4. LL Cool J and “Accidental Racists”, what was LL thinking?
  5. Are you going to see “42” the Jackie Robinson movie?
  6. 3 strikes laws, going to jail for life after committing 3 non-violent crimes, are you ok with this?
  7. This is 2013, where are the flying cars, the laser guns, the floating cities, where is the future we dreamed of as children?
  8. Boss Ross got dropped by Rebook, Fair or foul?
  9. New Big KRIT album, new Pusha T song, did hip-hop win this week?
  10. What’s the best WIC cereal?

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