Nicki Minaj: Up In Flames


By Odeisel

Here at the Planet we never take the easy win. When Nicki Minaj was the human target we actually took the other side and defended her. Her rise has been nothing short of astounding, from rapping in a pissy staircase to hosting American Idol in such a short period of time. She was on the fast track to icon status until she started believing her own hype. Now, aside from the occasional rugged guest verse, it’s pop goes the weasel and her original steeze is getting smaller in the rearview and despite the Pepsi commercials and the MAC lipstick, the hood ain’t checking for that Sybil shit. So on the road back to hardcore, Nicki Drops the visuals for Up In Flames.

This is old but the vid is new. I think Nicki would have been better off doing a vid for a new joint. This song is boring, the lines are meh and the visuals, especially for someoen as visual as Minaj is,  are not the business. She’s foine tho. That won’t change for a while, and you never need an excure to ogle pretty women. Check it out. Not like it will cost you anything. Hopefully she comes back to the hood before her career goes…wait for it…Up In Flames. *sigh.

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