Raekwon Feat. AZ & Altrina Renee: 86 (Remix)

By Odeisel

By now if you’ve been riding with us, you know that while the Planet stays fresh, we love the old school, especially when they can still rhyme. We got you hip to Raekwon’s 86 a while ago with its roller skate flavor, but now we’re back for the 86 remix with AZ and a video to boot. Raekwon is butter smooth and perhaps better thas anyone has ever been at saying the same shit every verse but always sounding great.

Cigar smoke blowing, poker chips stacking and chicks with tattooed tits and cognac are the aesthetic and the mode is certainly chill mode, going right along with the imagery conjured by Rae’s verse. AZ gets live and pushes the energy higher but still keeps it on classic cool cruise control. His flow has aged like fine wine, still pristine and crisp in its delivery, flaunting that fly shit.

With Altrina Renee on the hook and the breaks, this song would be perfectly home in 86, but thankfully we get to rock with it brand new like a CD in the long box before the impossible to open shrink wrap. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Sucks to be you. Rae and AZtake it back to the future. 86 remix. Enjoy.

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