Album Review Featured — 26 March 2013
Album Review: Lil Wayne – I Am Not A Human Being II

By Odeisel

It was all bad just a week ago. Lil Wayne was at Cedars-Sinai either watching the Syracuse game or knocking on death’s door. He’s apparently all good, which is great, especially for his kids, but could you imagine all the greatest rapper of all-time talk that would have arisen from that? Dead rappers get great promotion and with his latest release I Am Not A Human Being II ready for release, it would have been the perfect time to put a cherry on top of one of the best runs ever.

Unfortunately, the album plays more like a cherry pit and is on some Grace Jones in Boomerange shit: pussy, pussy, pussy. I Am Not A Human Being II is song upon song of trite one liners, promiscuous sex hubris and middling lyricism. You’ve heard these verses many times before. Weezy will fuck your girl, his sex game is awesome, YMCMB is getting money. The album is comprised of many iterations of the same song (too many as well).

IANAHB opens the album with some rousing piano play and could have been something special but weezy serves up a piece of shit on fine china with lame one liners (Tunechi you the shit, you need your ass wiped, Like a white boy wearing paint you’re a fake ass nigga, Shoot him in the head, that’s a no brainer). Curtains follows with guest Boo adding some different energy but you’ve heard this song before.

2 Chainz hops on Days And Days over aggressive trap production from the Lex Luger beat class. Chainz delivers over his post bebut slump verses and he rides the break with high energy. Dope vocal sample. YMCMB backup Gudda Gudda shines on the 808-driven Gunwalk. He’s a better rapper than you realize, unfortunately his label could give a fuck about anyone outside their big 3. This track screams for a Gucci Mane or Wacka Remix.  Banging single No Worries follows but at this point it’s fairly old news. One of the album’s few high points.

The pace changes with the folksy intro on Back To You. Left to his own devices, Weezy dresses up as a rocker and surprisingly comes up with one of the better songs on this album. It’s lame, but at least it’s a musical risk that tries to do something different. Crap rapper and fellow lean enthusiast Soulja Boy joins Weezy on Trigger Finger. The dynamic production is drill music-lite but stands out compared to most of the beats on this record and Wayne lays down perhaps the best rhymes of the disk.

Beat The Shit drafts an electronic groove and Gunplay for a frenetic repetitive hook. Weezy and Gunplay are out of their generation with this track and the autotune is dreadful but overall the song is tolerable for 3.7 listens. Chainz returns on Rich As Fuck with some post electro slow funk. Weezy and Juicy J fail to rekindle the magic from Bands on the drug anthem (which sounds incredibly stupid since Weezy OD’d twice in a week), Trippy. You’ve heard the Drake and Future collabo Bitches Love Me. Romance is steaming dog shit.

It doesn’t get any better on the tripped out attempt of lucidity that is God Bless Amerika. Soulja Boy brings out his Casio and does his best Swizz Beatz production on the basura that is Wowzers (suck this dick and swallow that nut, call it penis colada. I promise you that’s a real line). The album ends disastrously with the speed metal attempt Hello. The less said the better. Trust me the deluxe cuts are not worth mentioning.

Lil Wayne, or at least his legacy is lucky it didn’t die at Cedars. I Am Not A Human Being II is probably the worst album I’ve ever heard from someone of Lil Wayne’s caliber. You have already heard anything that was salvageable on radio. The rest is repetitive drivel from someone who had a strong enough run for people to at least consider him one of the greatest ever. Ugh.

P.S. Cory Gunz demolishes Weezy again in an uncredited verse on the Nicki Minaj guested Lay It Down.

black-thumbs-up black-thumbs-upOut of 5

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