Featured Technology — 18 February 2013
X-doria Kick iPhone 5: Take A Stand

By Odeisel

One of the benefits to shelling out those big dollars for smart phones is the power that they provide you to do things that regular cell phones can’t. With the advent of software like Facetime and video conferencing, phones have become an extension of our business and pleasure. Of course with such an investment comes insurance and protection because nobody wants to look themselves in the face after they reach for coffee and drop a $700 instrument.

With that comes an entire universe of peripherals designed to make use of those new abilities as well as to keep you from crying when you hear the sound of your phone dropping face first. Yeah. THAT sound. Crunch. X-doria has set out to ride the iPhone 5 wave and have released the Kick, a cell phone case that protects and has a function that makes use of the phone’s special gifts.

The X-doria Kick is a two-toned model that allows for easy access to all of your phone controls. The aspect that makes it different from the other cases in the field is its kickstand that allows for both horizontal or vertical standing of your phone. This is perfect for watching widescreen movies or YouTube vids on the phone, using software packages to film (no homemade porn, please), and to effectively web conference or *gasp* FaceTime with your boo.

Aesthetically, the bottom section features a rubbery soft grip texture that helps the phone remain stable while standing while the upper portion features a flashy polycarbonate shell that offers both impact protection and a splash of color and style. There’s no secondary rubber sleeve for dual protection, but chances are it’s enough for your general day-to-day activity. If you’re a mountain climber or dirt biker, you’re on your own.

The X-doria Kick comes in 5 different colorways and is available HERE for retail price of $29.99


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