Trillogy: Stay (Video)

By Odeisel

Two guys. One girl. Jersey group. Hip-Hop/R&B flavor. Sounds like the Fugees, right? Perhaps the Black Eyed Peas? Nope. Up and coming group Trillogy continues that tried and true construction but with a generation now twist. Their music has been featured on multiple reality TV shows, so take that for what it’s worth. Trillogy has definite pop music ambitions, but rather than come out the gate on some happy shit, their initial video, Stay is decidedly dark, with themes of drug abuse, adultery and domestic violence in the context of relationships.

There are three vignettes, each helmed by one of the members of Trillogy that deal with different aspects of broken relationships. The first deals with a husband at work while his wife is at home abusing pills. The second deals with a dude out on the prowl, chasing honeys while his girl is away at work. The third and probably most disturbing is a couple who argues back and forth until the guy puts hands on his woman. Again millions of miles away from dancing and singing.

Do they have talent? Yes. Not the transcendent kind but legitimate pipes without the corn of that City High “What Would You Do” single from a few years back. I don’t know who is backing them, and they aren’t strange looking or exceedingly attractive so we’ll have to see and hear more from them to determine what their hook is, but for now, this is a nice start. If they stick to their guns, perhaps the audience will have a good reason to Stay. Check it out.

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