Fashion Featured — 18 February 2013
Rihanna’s New Fashion Line: Fly Or Faux?

By shelz.

The few pieces Rihanna conceptualized for Armani a couple of years ago were popular enough to create some buzz around her new affiliation with River Island, a UK outfitter selling moderately-priced trendy fits for the junior crowd and any of their mommas who haven’t yet decided that age is indeed more than a number.  That buzz turned to a deafening racket when London Fashion Week decided to slide Rihanna’s line in with the professional designers who show there.

Some cried foul as word got around that Rihanna didn’t REALLY design this stuff, but kind of approved it as designer Adam Selman went along tacking together her see-through dresses and varsity hoodies.  Many critics see the line as more bland commercialism than cutting edge creativity.  Of course they are probably right, but the point is to sell and Rihanna, just by appending her name to the outfits, will do just that.  But how are the clothes though…

I’ve seen pics from the presentation.  There’s plenty of skin, double denim and sheer pieces.  An interesting denim shirt-dress blotched with bleach that sports a hood to keep the paps from capturing those unflattering side shots was premiered as well as a red spaghetti strap dress that looks more suited to the bedroom than the streets. Sweat grey body-hugging gear that leaves ABSOLUTELY nothing to the imagination rounded out the more feminine section of the line.

It’s easy to say these looks aren’t appropriate for the real world.  You need a perfect body plus a shit ton of balls to wear many of them.  Well, no balls, because we would see them in some of the slit-up-to-there skirts.  As separates, there are some pieces in the line that could be applied to a stylish girl’s day to day.  The low-slung black trousers with the white print are perfectly adorable and the mustard dress with the built-in shirt that ties around the waist falls right in to the reheated trend of wearing your flannel around your hips instead of your shoulders.  As a total line though, it falls short in innovation and heat.  The bottom line… it’s kind of boring.  Only the body of the wearer brings some excitement. And if you keep yourself tight, you can do that wearing almost anything revealing.

Anywho, someone will buy it.  It’s Rihanna and a trip to the club will reinforce the notion that even chicks with less than appropriate bodies will attempt to make some of the more risqué pieces work.  Stay tuned for the commercials with Miss Fenty sporting said looks.  That will surely be the move that takes this line over the top. Regardless of what any of us fashionistas think, that was the whole point.

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