Homeboy Sandman: Not For Women

By Odeisel

The great Chuck D once said that The Bomb Squad always knew something was dope back in those days when girls didn’t like it. IT certainly went along with the sonic dissonance that characterized those great PE albums where melody was an afterthought. That’s not to discount the true female Hip-Hoppers out there who can quote Shook Ones word for word (shout out to Rosie) or who show up to the front row of those standing room only Hip-Hop weed smoked shows. But for those chicks who “like the beat” you already know what’s up.

The brilliant Homeboy Sandman remembers those days very well and his label Stone’s Throw has just dropped an outtake from the criminally slept on First Of A Living Breed album to speak on femme fraudulent Hip-Hop. Not For Women is a minimalist yet dynamic composition that is bereft of any attempt to musically compromise for the sake of a crossover attempt. There is nothing slick here but some bongo drums, some slick snare work and a horn sample that ebbs and flows for some funky atmospherics.

Don’t get it twisted, this ain’t the He-man woman haters club, Homeboy Sandman makes much room for the “one’s who love Hip-Hop.” It’s not hard to listen to or too obtuse to enjoy. Have a listen and get on board that Homeboy Sandman bandwagon while there are still seats. This joint is Not For Women…except for those that love Hip-Hop.


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