Featured Music — 20 February 2013
Glam.I.Rock.: The Feel

By Odeisel

Let’s keep it funky, there aren’t many female rappers getting light right now. For a lot of them, there’s a legit reason for that. Like tons of other dude rappers they aren’t that great. However for others it’s almost criminal that the light doesn’t shine on them. Sure there are a couple like Jean Grae who are acknowledged as ill, but she’s got a decade in the game. How many of the young breed get that love? Enter Glam.I.Rock. whose latest work, The Feel, was introduced to yours truly by the homie Donny Goines.

Glam hails from the Bay and one listen to her self-produced album is enough to see that she has clear talent. Not grading on a curve talent, but legit songwriting talent. She can carry a note in the vein of Drake, kick that screwed and chopped flow, and change up deliveries with the best of her class. The production skills are nothing to sneeze at either, as there are some serious constructions on this tape that rock.

Take a listen and let us know what you think. Glam.I.Rock. is serious business and there is heart and guts embedded in her righteous brand of Hip-Hop. While there are elements in her production and rapping that are clearly the result of growing up under the Hip-Hop umbrella, the binding and packaging of these disparate elements are singularly hers. I look forward to hearing more. You will too.

Get The Feel. Enjoy.

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  1. The sea is parting and true talent is making way. Nothin but the big stage for this obvious “STAR”!

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