Juelz Santana Feat. Rick Ross, Meek Mill & Fabolous: Soft

By Odeisel

Juelz Santana has laid back in the cut long enough. The Def Jam vet is back in go mode and is firing on all cylinders with the full might of Def Jam behind him. Don’t believe me? Peep his latest track, Soft featuring gRick Ross, Meek Mill and Fabolous.

This track is some of that vintage trap music with the horror movie undertones and the repetitive hook, along with the basic but effective key notes. With the Maybach and BK’s present leading representer in tow, Juelz is bound to make an impact.

The half bar rhyme scheme is in full effect and all of the rappers keep it simple with punch lines and clear A/B setups. No one really dominates the well-balanced track, though Meek Mill remains in search of an inside voice.

It’s good to hear Juelz alongside some non Dipset energy and he fits right in with pretty much any rapper. This is more proof that he has some gas left in the tank. If he keeps going this hard, there’s no way that the album will end up Soft.  Enjoy.

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