Featured Planet Ill Breakdown Songs — 05 December 2012
IAmMany: Save Your Money

By Odeisel

Rap has always had a thing with wanton commercialism, but in recent years, despite the growing distance in the rearview of the Shiny Suit Era, the music is increasingly enamored with labels and brands and consumption.  The biggest rims, the flyest whips and so much more come in to play, even in the face of hurricanes, economic disasters and all kinds of shit that should make people chill on buying up the store. IAmMany is here to help your lost selves with his latest track, Save Your Money.

Over a beat that would bang in any whip or strip club, IAmMany tackles the perverse consumer culture and how people are going crazy over the latest craze and invites you save a little here save little there instead of wasting everything on new clothes and gear. He tells tales of 12 dollar kicks and thrift store shopping while others stand on lines ready to kill for the latest iPod and their willingness to take it to the fists over skipping the line.

IAmMany takes rappers to task for rapping about shopping and luxury shit like teenage girls instead of rapping about real things and focusing on the pain in the streets felt by the havenots. Shiny objects take more importance than lives to these people and they waste the many ears they have with their music on the consumerism that makes everyone but them rich. It’s hardcore without standing on the soapbox and IAmMany’s strong delivery stands out even though it’s surrounded by a production backdrop full of bottomless lows and distortion. I could actually see people living the lifestyle that he castigates bumping this shit and not even listening to the words. Maybe they should. The next crash may be right around the corner. When it comes, you’ll wish that you could Save Your Money.

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