Album Review Featured — 24 December 2012
EP Review: Curren$y & Young Roddy – 3 Piece Set: A Closed Set

By Odeisel

It’s been another busy year for the hardest working man in Hip-Hop, Curre$y, full of albums and mixtapes, including two Jet life albums. Spitta closes the year out with a short but sweet EP 3 Piece Set: A Closed Session Mixtape. The number is a three song work that once again showcases Spitta’s weeded cool and agility on lush musical landscapes.

Young Roddy rides along on this one, cruising at a solid altitude on the opener “Pick N Roll,” a double entendre that speaks to the blunted and the ballers, including a shout to Birdy and the crew from Above the Rim, which once again puts Spitta’s penchant for weaving pop culture reference in his rhymes. Roddy, who is a fairly limited rhymer actually shows a consistently higher level of skill on the track. Afro-Cuban soul at the end is a nice touch.

“Can’t Get Out” has that muddy drum that recalls early 90’s underground Hip-Hop. Curren$y’s hurried, off beat pace ads some character to the hypnotic track. Roddy takes the opposite approach, as the beat adds a sexy horn and some background strings. His youthful exuberance balances his smoother flow for a nicely even performance.

Incoherent, jazzy ad-libs lead to the closing track with vibraphones, harpsichord and a groovy bassline for a Lawrence Welk mellow that lends to the improve Spitta solo.

3 Piece Set gives you just enough to get hungry for the next Curren$y project. It’s smooth, sexy and cool, a nice break from the tough talk that’s filling the air these days. While others dropped ear fatigue-inducing long play mixtapes, Stacy hit you with some marvelous shit to get your mouth water. Don’t trip, it’s Curren$y. The next project will come around in a few weeks.


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