The Neighbourhood: Let It Go

By Odeisel

The 90s were such a powerful time for Hip-Hop that there is an entire segment of the world that will not let it go. That segment is connected to the soul, the rawness and the innocence of that era, even though it was filled with some of the hardest music to date. It was at times, both grimy and melodic; flossy and filled with gritty tales of the streets. And it was infectious to the entire youth culture at the time with no regard to color, class or locale.

That spirit informs much to today’s music as you have splinter forms of music with distinct elements of that 90s era, whether it’s the sometimes rudimentary predictable rhyme schemes, the fun, almost freestyle themes or outright homage. Somewhere in all of that lies the music of The Neighbourhood. Their latest joint, “Let It Go” is a nice little number that features melody, lyricism and a smooth delivery that is both modern and throwback.

The track features some looped atmospherics and a pacing acoustic guitar lick for some emotion. There are strings for some depth, an occasional dithering effect to keep your ears active and a muddying near the end that adds some gruffness to the track.

You can hear the 90s in the rhyme schemes where you can sort of tell whats coming next and you know when the next line is coming in, even when it’s not an a/b a/b structure but that familiarity is more smile breeding than contempt breeding. It connects you to the rhythm of the song. The sing songy delivery is harmonious and smooth, making for some easy listening

This track won’t change the world or anything, but it’s dope. Suitable for driving, house cleaning or Starbucks background music while you’re mooching off their wifi. If you are looking for the next wave of evolution, “Let It Go,” and just enjoy the track for some easy listening Hip-Hop infused grooviness.

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