Featured Planet Ill Original Video Post — 21 November 2012
Sean Price: Haraam

By Odeisel

When we interviewed Sean Price a few weeks ago, we talked of his Muslim faith and how many times the music runs counter to the tenets of his faith. As Price let us know, anything that runs counter to studying the Koran is called Haraam. With that in mind, Mic Tyson actually dropped a track called “Haraam.” This is the video.

This is some really down to earth hood shit. Cigarette smoking, retractable gate on the fire escape window, checkerboard marble tile in the staircase. All the elements of real ungentrified Brooklyn abound as P drops burning lines like “you hardly rappin’ I’m Off the Wall pa, you Marlon Jackson.” The song is Sean Price reveling in his own world of Hip-Hop even with the realization that what he’s best at in the world runs counter to the Source of his existence. It’s almost as if he’s saying if I must pay for this sin, it better be a good one. Damn straight. “Haraam.” The Visuals. This is NOT on Mic Tyson. Enjoy.


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