Featured Songs — 18 October 2012
Meek Mill Feat. Nas, Rick Ross and John Legend: Maybach Curtains

By shelz.

My kid has no volume control.  I ask “Why are you talking so loud?” 20 times a day. He reminds me of Meek Mill.

Now I can admit that Meek has ratcheted it down for “Maybach Curtains,” but I think he mistakes volume for emotion which renders his delivery impotent when he isn’t screaming to the rafters.  It’s something he will have to work on.  This is a good start, but with Nas following him, you don’t remember his verse anyway.

Nas is awesome as hes explains his style and intent, Rick Ross takes us down his personal memory lane and John Legend links the stories together with his signature hook steez.  The track is courtesy of DJ Infamous but has a J.U.S.T.I.C.E League feel, full of lush horns, strings and convoluted arrangement.

It’s a great song, and definitely more Rick Ross than Meek Mill.  But its nice to see Mill stretch and turn down the volume. “Maybach Curtains.”  Enjoy.


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