Featured Songs Video Post — 24 October 2012
Angel Haze: Cleaning Out My Closet

By Odeisel

The sorry state of affairs of mainstream female Hip-Hop is readily apparent every award show of the last few years. You hear Nikki Minaj basically run unopposed racking up awards because there isn’t anyone else out there. We look to the underground and for various reasons, there is no beacon is shining might.

We call for the truth. We ask these women who would be rapper sot tell their truth. We ask them to tell their story, because everyone can’t be a female pimp or so sexy that men fall at their feet. Well Angel haze, last seen on the BET Cyphers has decided to give you what you asked for with chilling results over the beat to Eminem’s monster single “Cleaning Out My Closet.”

The pain Angel brings on this is intricate and intimate with tales of betrayal, abuse and rape. To ruin the narration would be to detract from the courage of this offering, but as an observer who wasn’t too impressed with her recent BET apperance, I found myself riveted to her story. I think you will be pleasantly surprise and stunned by the lengths Angel Haze has got to get you  (maybe a little too) familiar. Hopefully she’s left enough in the closet for the album.

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