Featured Planet Ill Breakdown Songs — 26 September 2012
Rihanna Channels Lucy And Returns With Diamonds In The Sky

By shelz.

“Diamonds” is the lead single from Rihanna’s upcoming and still unnamed album. That makes seven if you haven’t been counting.  Seven albums from a young woman I thought wouldn’t be offered funding for a sophomore effort. Don’t front.  You didn’t anticipate she would be 7 albums in riding the most-popular-of-all-pop-artists wave either.  But this song again proves why she is constantly able to do just that.

It’s not some grand vocal event or wonder of modern production wizardry. “Diamonds” is actually a pretty simple song.  But Stargate’s lazy keys topped by swirling synthetic strings are just enough of a foundation to support Miss Fenty’s story full of love optimism.  It’s standard pop fare but its constructed perfectly.

You can easily hear this as a backdrop for the latest teen love drama, preferably at the height of the amorous theatrics. Pitch perfect with a great build and some cutesy, glitter-sprinkled lyrics, what else can a teen girl ask for.  Well done Rihanna.  Well done.





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