Concert Review Featured — 27 September 2012
Need A Big Ass Music Festival In Your Life? MCP Presents And C3 Presents Bring You CounterPoint

By shelz.

Lord knows winding country roads at the height of night time’s pitch black does damage to my psyche. Fortunately, making the drive back city side after picking up my credentials to the CounterPoint Music Festival this morning reminded me this little road will be lit up with music fans all weekend long.

No fear. They’re heeeeeere.

It’s exciting for the good folks that put this together; I’m sure (MCP Presents, C3 Presents and a host of satellite outfits, sponsors and volunteers.)  The steady stream of traffic, comprised mostly of out of state tags, signals it’s time to stop planning and start providing.  And what are they getting up off of for the next three days you might ask? It’s going to be tons and tons of arm-raising, heart-thumping music from a gang of artists (around 70 to be umm… not exactly exact) sure to draw everyone from the chilliest EDM fan to the rowdiest hip hop aficionado.  Ok, not too rowdy.  Everyone wants to leave the place in one piece.  Ya heard?

Anyway, CounterPoint Music Festival is in its rookie year during a time when warm weather festivals are as plentiful as mosquitoes, but this event looks like it’s going to make its mark in the crowded market.

From Wale to Skrillex, Big Boi to Pretty Lights and a lot of awesome stuff in between, the weekend will be packed with a steady stream of musicians.  I didn’t even mention the art installations and extreme sport demonstrations.  Oh and it’s on the banks of the Chattahoochee, so there’s plenty of natural beauty to soak in while you’re listening to Bass Nectar and watching some guy try like hell to make it to the top of the humungous rock wall they are going to set up.  Did I tell you Heineken and Bacardi are sponsors?  Hell grown people, this sounds like more fun than you probably deserve.

I know it sounds like a good time to us, so we’re going to bring it to you like only Planet Ill can; wth lots of set chatter, photographs and attitude because you know that’s how we do;  in between riding the Ferris Wheel, taking in some silent disco (seriously?  Wtf is silent disco) and downing  a Heiney or ten.  So get ready.  Planet Ill is bringing you CounterPoint, point by point by fist pumping, head bobbin’, mosh pit hoppin’ point.

If you are interested in all the details, and I know you are, check them here.

See ya soon.

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