Featured Society/Culture — 24 September 2012
Mitt Romney: No Country For Old (White) Men

By Juste J

By any measure of sanity, Mitt Romney should not be running for President of the United States. By all logical conclusions, Mitt Romney should not be a serious challenger to the re-election of President Barack Obama, but he is. The last few weeks have not been kind to the Republican candidate. Between his botched attempt to score political points over outbreaks of anti-US protest and violence in some Muslim countries last week, to the leak of a video taken at a private fundraiser in which he completely (and erroneously) writes off almost half of the US electorate, Mitt Romney should be a fucking fly on the windshield of the Obama reelection mobile. But he is not. And you want to know why? It is because there are large segments of white people, poor and middle class want their white President back.

These white people, Republican and Republican leaning believe that President Obama is not American; from the moment he was elected you could hear the “we want our country back” call of the Tea Party. These are the “birthers” believe that President Obama was born in Kenya; they are the people who believe in their heart of hearts, despite the facts, that he is a Muslim, waiting to strike at just the right moment and institute Sharia law (Koran-based law code) in the US. They believe that President Obama will let the United Nations take over this country. These motherfuckers think that he is the food stamp President; that he wants to give welfare checks to all the Negreoes and Latinos; that he wants to start and end a racial war. Some of these fucks even think that President Obama is the antichrist.

Now yeah I can hear people saying, no that’s not true, that the real reason we hate President Obama are his failed policies; to which I say, get all the fuck outta here b. POTUS has done more in the last three years, under the worst possible political and social climate than the previous President did in eight. Healthcare, what you really talking ‘bout fam? You mean to say you can’t get medical insurance? Nah b, fuck that take this Affordable Care Act and start looking for a doctor b, you’re covered.

Gays, you want to fight and die for this country all while openly loving who you want? Here you go, fuck that whole don’t ask don’t tell shit, go and fight with a picture of your partner in your wallet, unafraid. Illegal immigrants, you want to work towards becoming a citizen? Ok, go for that chase that dream b while working on the books or going to school. Cars, yes I said cars b. You’re saying that these here United States of America ain’t gonna make no more cars? Hell fucking no that ain’t the wave b, that won’t do. Ford, GM, Chrysler, get your asses to making some motherfucking cars. Fam, President Obama got those things done while the Republicans, who said that their number 1 priority was to make sure that President Obama would be a one term president and fucking racist were yelling every day that he wasn’t American; wanting to see his papers like this was the 1800s not the 2000s.

Now this is not to say that President Obama hasn’t made his share of mistakes because he has. But given what he has done, in no way can you call him a failure at his job given what he has done in the face of the senseless, racist opposition. He should be lauded for the last 4 years.

There are savages out here pining for a past when Negroes and Latinos had no rights; they long for a time when we would have had to step off the sidewalk to let a white man pass, keeping our heads bowed. We have come a long way in this country but the more I listen to these idiots, like the 16% of Republicans in Ohio who believe that Romney had more to do with killing bin Laden than President Obama, the more I realize that we have a long fucking way to go.

This is a changing world, whether Obama wins or not. The old imperialist powers are slowly but surely becoming outnumbers by countries of color and culture with their own resources and the ability to support their struggling neighbors without the strings attached to IMF loans. America is going to have to learn how to play in the sandbox. As a nation we need to prepare for this new world, because it ain’t going back.  The America that these people harken back to is getting smaller in the rearview and Mitt Romney represents to many the last hoorah. It’s time to get over the pipe dream and focus on getting Maybe some of the people that can’t imagine this world could relocate there.

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