Drake’s Aaliyah Obsession And Other Weird Rapper Behavior (Part 1)

By shelz.

Drake is completely weirding me out with this Aaliyah thing.  The tattoos, the album, the lyrical references; it’s just creepy. I imagine him wearing a long black wig and a crop top singing “Rock the Boat” into a brush and starring at his bare midriff in the mirror.  It’s all so very strange, but so is the general public’s desire to cast Aaliyah posthumously in a much more talented light than she actually inhabited when she was alive.

No offense.  I’m just saying.


Anyway, it’s not like Drake is the first rapper to do some majorly weird shit.  Rappers are artists (well, some of them are) and at the heart of every artist is a huge helping of bizarre.  So Planet Ill has put together a list of the ten strangest things rappers have done.  While most don’t eclipse Drake’s stalking of a dead person, they are worth a double take nonetheless.  Sit back and enjoy.

Eazy E Supports California Cop

Theodore Briseno was one of the four California cops indicted on brutality charges against Rodney King.  Pretty much the whole of the black community around the country supported the indictment because what they had known for years, some white cops beat black dudes when they think no one is watching, was caught on tape.  But Eazy E decided one of the cops was innocent and said so.  He even came to court everyday to show his support. This coming from Mr. Fuck The Police?  Weird.

Kool G Rap records with Haylie Duff.

Seriously.  This song is dope.  If you didn’t know that was Hillary Duff’s sister, it would never be an issue.  But you do and it is.

Rick Ross Dabbles In Cartoon Gay Porn

The thing between Rick Ross and 50 was hella entertaining.  Well, it was until Rick Ross thought making a gay porn cartoon with 50 as the star was a good idea.  Of course it backfired when folks started wondering why this idea would come to Ross in the first place.

Game’s Butterfly and Gucci’s Ice Cream

Face tats are dicey at best, but when you have fairies and rainbows and teddy bears strewn all over your visage, it doesn’t help your hard core cause.  It just doesn’t.  Seems like a rapper should know that.  Strange.

Performing For the Gathering of the Juggalos

Do you like pain?  Are you a sucker for getting booed? Do you have insurance?  I don’t get it.  It’s a relatively small festival that always brings more issue than industry advancement.  They throw bottles and most rappers don’t have insurance.  Why?

Stay tuned for part 2.

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