Featured Planet Ill Breakdown — 10 August 2012
DJ Khaled Feat Scarface, Nas and Premier: Hip-Hop

By shelz.

“Hip-Hop” is a love letter of sorts. A note to a hard-hearted harlot who gave enough to be unforgettable, but not enough to remain in good graces. Your time together was special, but unfortunately she spent that time with everyone. Shes not just yours. She gets love from Tennessee to Timbuktu. She’s a whore. She’s Hip-Hop.

Okay, so everyone and their daddy has attempted the rap-disguised-as-a-woman song, but this is a valiant and quite personal endeavor. Two industry titans who have paid the cost to tell this type of story take the reins over some heavy J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League atmospherics. Face seems less able to spill his true feelings, opting to spend his verse bemoaning her rolling stone tendencies. It’s typical man behavior, trying like hell not to admit you loved someone that may not have loved you back.

Nas opens his wounds for everyone to view. He tackles the highs, the lows and the 2006 death knell heard round the world. This song is pretty dope in a sad-sack nostalgic kind of way. Premo handles the scratches, deftly mixing in the past to Khaled’s present. The kiddies might not appreciate this, but I think old heads may hear a bit of themselves in these lyrics. I know I do.

Khaled definitely has a hot one on his hands with “Hip-Hop.”  Take a listen and tell us what you think.




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