Album Review Featured — 28 August 2012
Audiofile Review: DJ Khaled – Kiss The Ring

By SquareOne

We. Da. Best. You have heard that ad nauseum on every release from DJ Khaled to the point of parody. I’ve never heard him scratch. I don’t know if he ever produces anything, but he is probably the best at networking. If you are in the South, chances are, you gotta go through Khaled to get some run. Ross. Weezy. Drake. No matter who you are, you might have to kiss the ring in order to do your thing. Hey he signed with Cash Money and they just release dhis album wiht samples cleared. I bet if he recoups, he’ll even get a check.

The homie SquareOne reviewed the album and here is the Audiofile review. Here how the album stacked up to the market and Khaled’s previous offerings. I don’t know if it’s the beeeest, but it’s definitely listenable. Hear what SquareOne has to say.

Kiss the Ring Review (Final)

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