Featured — 01 July 2012
The Game X Chris Brown: I Don’t Like (Remix) Drake Diss *Sigh

By Odeisel

First of all two lightskinned singing dudes slap fighting is not beef. Second of all letting your entourages get out of control to the point where cats are almost losing eyes and club patrons getting they dome split to the white meat is some shit I don’t like. Third of all Pusha T had the best part and his verse was removed (Rick Flair n***a!). Fourth, adding two verse including long-winded Game makes this shit over six minutes Dougie Fresh, that’s that shit I don’t like. 5th Jada verse on this song doesn’t fit even on the original, they should have cut that shit. 5th, Fame singing the hook is trash. that’s that shit I really don’t like.

Aside from all that shit I don’t like, this issue has gone to the police, cats might get arrested, homie’s body guard was on a gurney TMZ’ed up and instead of laying low and trying to avoid the idea that you on probation hanging out with thugs, this moron drops a diss song. Putting hands onhoes, that’s some shit i don’t like. Cats burying him that was also some shit I didn’t like. But someone really needs to rein this guy in before something really bad  happens to him. Eyebrows, Yikes? Cute. Otherwise it’s subtraction by addition and people like to clown Drake so they will hype it but it’s forgettable. But if this is the type of shit you DO like, here you go. Breezy, Game and the rest of them cats except the best verse. “I Don’t Like.” Maybe you’ll like. Meh.

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