Featured — 21 July 2012
Jae Millz Puts Pressure On Pusha T With Hearing Voices

By Odeisel

Beef has been a part of rap since the very beginning. As rappers have added more layers to their entourages, sometimes these beefs spilled over to the underlings to get a bit of shine. The Outlawz took a second to ride on Bad Boy. Bleek took a shot at Nas. One of the best lines ever (you like the beer Kain dropped in Menace, 40 and broke) came from Jigga letting Freeway swing on the homie Jazz. Shit happens on the peanut gallery. While both sides in the Pusha T YMCMB war that wasn’t claim nothing is going on and that all beef is dead, Jae Millz drops a not-so-fast shot with “Hearing Voices.”

Before you go “fuck that no album having, Making Da Band battling n***a,” this song is fucking tough as nails. Millz addresses every single flaw you can think of about Pusha T’s rise, including the credibility of him actually pushing a ton of anything. He mentions his dual family middle class upbringing, as well as his lack of jail time when everyone else in the empire went down, implying he’s either snitching or lying about weight lifting. He also notes the crew hopping (going from Pharrell to Kanye) and the declining quality of Pusha product (aside from “New God Flow” and “I Don’t Like” when was the last time you were REALLLY excited about Pusha T?)

Millz talks about cats looking for Pusha and how his own town is whispering about his lack of street cred. He even interpolates a couple lines from the Jiggaman from his little tet e tet with Ma$e (see if you can catch it.) It’s hard core shit and the beat carries enough ill will to keep your face frowned up. The sample at the end is icing on the cake.

He knows what you’re going to say. Where’s YOUR album at, b? According to him though better no album than decreasing quality. Can’t disagree with him on that. Even though the messenger may not be in the correct position to really holla at Pusha, the message is loud and clear. “Hearing Voices.” Gully.

Hearing Voices

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