Iggy Azalea Feat. T.I.: Murda Bizness

By Odeisel

Remember the good old days when we always knew what the hood was checking for? I gotta be honest with you man, that shit is getting harder and harder to discern these days. Blondie was white girl rapping in the 80s, so the rise of blonde bombers isn’t exactly new, but the kind of aesthetic some of these girls represent is a lil hood. Iggy Azalea has her face frowned and her middle finger steady pointed higher at the haters. Of course she’s had her share of controversy (generally involving how far her ghetto pass goes, supposedly). She’s developed allies in the game, most notably T.I. and his Grand hustle muscle. They collaborate on new Iggy single, “Murda Bizness.”

Murda Game is a double entendre with the duo intending to kill the game with their game killing skills. The video is downright disturbing. It’s set in that world of those baby pageants a la JonBene Ramsey and features tons of little girls made up and being paraded around. Even as parody, there is a creepy stench with this video that over comes any element that may be humorous. I have no doubt that T.I. is a well-meaning parent and not a pervert but I found myself wild uncomfortable holding those kids in the vid, especially one in particular by the waist.

The song is about being so fly and fresh that you’re killing the swagger of your haters. You’re clean, you’re dressed to the nines and getting money and no matter what others try to do, they just cna’t dim your shine. I’m sure there is some allegory you can feasibly draw between your style game and the pomp and circumstance of the tiny tiara set, but it’s just not the business right now. honestly the song isn’t half bad.

I suppose the point of stuff like this is to get attention. If that’s it, then mission accomplished. But a video like this, especially with related headlines like the Penn State molestation case and the Boy Scouts of America’s recent anti-gay stance (on some level designed to prevent molestation) putting the onus on that pageant stuff particularly the little girl that looks very similar to Ramsey may be going a bit to far. I don’t remember anything aurally standing out on this. All I remember are the images. For a rapper trying ot get people to take her seriously, that may not be the best way to flex your “Murda Bizness.”

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