And The Beat Goes On: Jay Electronica. Best. Scandal. Ever.

By shelz.

This column is all about reheated jams and recycled tracks, but every once in a while I have a WHAT?!? moment that I need to work out in prose. Right now is one of those instances.

If you didn’t know, Jay Electronica is having the best rapper scandal ever. Any and all other rappers, please note that you have been outdone and this man hasn’t even dropped his first album yet. Your hottie has been rendered irrelevant. The condo on your wrist is now child’s play. And there is nothing you can do to outdo what Electronica just did. Not even in those fantasy rhymes you write.

His new lady is a Rothschild and he snatched her from a billionaire banking trust fund baby. Then he called her soon to be ex-husband a bitch on twitter. Very few people will ever have that opportunity, let alone a rapper. This man’s brass balls should be held on high and praised. This family used to run…umm…the world…like the whole earth, plus some of the moon. The Rothschilds aren’t a crew that claims to be linked in or affiliated. These are the people you get affiliated with. This situation definitely gives new meaning to the word slumming. No offense to Jay Electronica, I’d say the same of anyone who isn’t …well…running the world.

Do you think Jay-Z hooked him up? And why didn’t he give this chick to Kanye? Yeezy needs to re-consider how close he and his big brother really are. Weighing the House of Rothschild against the Kardashians would be a wildly funny exercise and one I may try sometime.

Anyway, enough of this whole odd couple stuff. Let’s get to the music. First up is Mary J. Blige with the whole MMG clique in tow minus Maybach O.  Hey that rhymes. Anyway, Mary allowed Rick Ross and Co. to jump on her single, “Why?”  Yeah, I asked myself the same question.  Enjoy.

Just in case you didn’t know, Fleetwood Mac made some great music.  So great, Starbucks has decided to create a tribute album with the likes of Beth Gibbons, Marianne Faithful and internet fav, Lykke Li, who contributes a rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s “Silver Spring.” Check her out below.

Game is next with his stab at French Montana’s “Pop That.”  The things he wants to do.  Ewww.  Listen, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.  He uses the word “nut” more than once.

Game – Pop That

Next we have Lola Monroe with Los over Pusha Ton’s “Exodus 23:1.”  No, she hasn’t given up yet.  Why would she?  She’s claiming Taylor Gang now. This track is dope enough to shoulder the burden, so go ahead and push play.

Last up is Crooked I cutting down MMG’s “Power Circle” to a respectable time. Our House is right around the corner.  Get hype.

Crooked I-Power Circle Freestyle

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