And The Beat Goes On: Straightening Out This Whole Rihanna/Chris Brown/Meek Mill/Drake/JR Smith Thing

By shelz.

It looks like Rihanna’s vajayjay is the new black. Or the new 30 or the new umm.. whatever.  All the cool kids are doing it.  At least that’s what they claim. The only rappers who haven’t been linked to her beaver are Young MC and The Rapping Duke.  It’s probably just a matter of time.

You never know.  Its not like magical truth serum is employed whenever dudes talk about their sexual exploits.  I’d bet the average guy has lied on more puddy than he has bedded.  Then again, these are famous dudes.  Why lie?  Better yet.  Why care?

Besides nuns, who has room to talk?And Rihanna’s bad girl image can’t take a dive, she’s about as bad as bad gets.  All that’s left is taking candy from a baby or kicking a kitten.  Feel free to use either of those in your next video girlfriend.  Besides this whole kiss and tell thing is mad effeminate. Cough**Meek Mill** Cough.  Please refer back to your man rules dude.  Gossiping about ass is right up there with fruiting the beer.

There we go.  Straight as an arrow and on to the show.


Skinny Friedman too Nicki Minaj’s “Beez In The Trap” and turned it into  an electro/rave thingee just in time for all the summer electro-raves.  No bad, but it seems long as hell.  I guess when your high on sunshine and Molly, you really don’t care.


Interesting interpretation.  I’m not much of a Weeknd fan, but I appreciate what Mr. Jones did with this track.


I’m not really loving this.  The strings don’t really do anything for the song.  It adds an anxiety that wasn’t there before, but the original is better.  That video is still dope too.  If you missed it somehow, check it below. Directed by the same dude who just handed over “No Church In The Wild.”


XV – Stone Cold 316

XV reps the 316 over Dre’s “Recipe”


Last, but not least, is probably the goofiest thing I’ve seen in some time.  Florence and her machine don outfits that should be relegated to children’s programming to give a pretty decent cover of Talking Heads’ “Wild Wild Life.”  I hope after seeing this add for the upcoming Bestival the demographic won’t shift to the 6-12 year old bracket. Following that is the original, some great 80’s nostalgia for that ass.


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