Featured Planet Ill Breakdown — 26 April 2012
b.O.b. AnD NiCki MiNaj Are OuT of ThEir fUkkIn MiNds

By shelz.

Insane is the new 20, or the new black, or the new swag.  Everyone wants to be sedated like The Ramones and strapped down to the bed ala Sarah Connor in T2. I don’t get it.  I know some certifiable folks, their lives are far from enviable.

The latest faux fruitcake is B.o.B. and hes brought along the queen kooky, Nicki Minaj for “Out Of My Mind.”

This song screams crazy from the odd, disjointed, randomness of the track to Bobby Rays odd ball couplets. And in all due respect to him, he doesn’t get blown off the track even though he’s in Nicki’s realm.  The point? Not sure really.  They are so good, its crazy?  Who knows.  The track gets a little irritating after a couple of minutes, but its a fun ride to the land of lunacy.  Hopefully B.o.B. will make it back.  We already know its too late for Nicki.


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